Heat Reducing Window Film

Window film–also known as solar control window film, plays an essential role in the overall energy efficiency of your home, office, or other structure. Heat-reducing window film works explicitly to reduce the amount of heat that comes into a building through its windows, which can help cut down on air conditioning costs and reduce overall carbon emissions during the summer months in warmer climates.

Modern heat-reducing window film provides excellent energy efficiency and can help reduce your electricity bill by up to 50%. But how does it work? And what are some specific benefits of using heat-reducing window film? Let’s take a closer look at this vital home improvement product.

How Does Window Film Work?

The electromagnetic spectrum of sunlight includes three types of light that reach the earth: infrared light, visible light, and ultraviolet light. The purpose of window film is to reduce heat gain by reflecting infrared heat.

The film acts as a barrier between your building and direct sunlight, slowing down or stopping incoming light and heat. This thermal barrier also allows you to control UV rays that penetrate through windows and can cause long-term damage to furnishings, walls, and flooring. In turn, window film reduces air conditioning costs and creates a more comfortable environment.

Does Window Film Reduce Heat?

One of the most significant benefits that window film offers is reducing heat transfer into a room. As a result, visible light still passes through the glass while the temperature inside the room or car stays cool. The most popular window films are specifically designed to reduce heat transfer through windows.

The Benefits of Using Heat Reducing Window Films

Energy Efficient

Windows regulate much of your home’s energy and heat, and heat loss in the winter and gain in the summer are two of the most significant contributors to an average home’s energy bills. The proper residential window film can help reduce energy consumption, improve energy efficiency, and save money.


With residential window tinting, you can open up your blinds, shades, and drapes to let natural light in no matter the season or time of day. You can reclaim areas you had previously avoided by controlling the sun’s heat with window film for heat reduction. It also reduces glare, so watching TV or doing computer work is easier.

Reduces UV Rays

You can protect the people and things you love by blocking over 99% of UV rays with solar film. In addition, the solar film preserves the color of carpets, fabrics, antiques, flooring, and artwork.

Style and privacy

Maintain the look of the glass as close to the same as possible with a slightly reflective heat-blocking window film. For added curb appeal and privacy, choose a reflective or tinted film. Reflective film can mask windowsill clutter and block the daytime view of the interior.

Why Choose The Best Temperature And Heat Control Window Film Installer In Texas?

Our team’s specialty is installing heat-reducing window films for all types of clients. We handle everything from single-family homes to window tinting for commercial buildings. We always strive to finish our work in the shortest time and with the least interruption to our clients. Please call Epic Solar Control today at 469-577-9933 or email sales@epicsolarcontrol.com to talk with a professional window film dealer & installer.

Heat Reducing Window Film

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Heat Reducing Window Film

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