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ADU-Garage San Jose CA

ADUs or Accessory Dwelling Units are a terrific method to expand a home’s limited space. You can choose from different ADU options like attached, detached, semi-detached, and above-the-floor. In addition, you may turn an underutilized garage into an Accessory Dwelling Unit in any size, style, or dimension you like.

Golden Star Home Remodeling designs and develops independent dwelling units within a property for extra living space. We have worked on different ADU-Garage conversion projects in San Jose, CA. ADUs come in handy whether you have a growing family or someone moving in with you. Consult with our ADU contractors to achieve the outcomes you’re looking for in terms of new space.

Garage Conversion San Jose

We provide specialized and accredited ADU conversion services for homes in the Bay Area. Our experts would be happy to assist you in converting your garage into more living space. It is done by virtually mapping the total property layout for the new ADU.

ADU Design & Remodel​

Let's innovate your ADU design ideas to manage your available space properly. If you have a vision for your home, we help you make a plan and execute it.​

Home Upgrades​

Making improvements to the exteriors of homes by converting garages into additional living space. Improve its aesthetic looks and other functionality through home upgrades.​

Adding Space​

Custom ADU conversion and design based on a practical property plan. Feel free to talk with our ADU contractors to achieve the outcomes you're looking for in terms of new space.​

Garage Conversion​

Creating usable and expansive family suites out of underutilized and defunct residential garages. Do you have an unused garage? Let's turn it into something more.​

Carpet Area​

Create beautiful living units in the backyard to increase carpet space or square footage. ​

Home Addition​

Converting old garages into new guest rooms, study rooms, bedrooms, and home offices. It is the perfect idea for growing families.​

ADU Garage Conversion In San jose

Do you think about custom ADU conversion? Then, our incredible ADU construction services are what you need. We provide attention to detail and a high degree of customization for construction projects. We specialize in all areas of home improvement, upgrades & space management that is quite evident through our gallery.

The 5 Types Of ADUS

Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs) are creative, cost-effective, and efficient housing solutions. They are mainly in demand in states like California, where housing is expensive and scarce. But before you dwell in designing, planning and building ADUs, note that there are five different sorts of ADUs to be aware of.

Detached ADU Conversion

It could be a detached garage or basement that you want to convert into an ADU for rental service or your home guests.

Attached ADU Conversion

It could be an attached garage or spare room that you want to rebuild to make it more functional according to your needs.

Internal ADU Conversion

Internal ADUs are parts of a house that have been transformed into additional living space. It is the most affordable ADU solution as it requires little to no additional building.

Basement ADU Conversion

It is an existing space that has been transformed into a separate living area or the junior ADUs. It gives access to shared amenities with the main house.

2nd Floor Conversion

Transform a secondary room that already exists in your home. In some regions, you can also build on top of a garage.


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